Mobile billboard advertising in jacksonville fl

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Mobile billboard advertising in jacksonville fl

A mobile billboard on a truck or boat is one of the most common outdoor advertising options. Recent studies show that a successful marketing campaign is effective at spreading the word than using a business card. Standard billboards do not have as much statistical advice as mobile billboards because they are static and less bubbly.

Why you should use mobile billboard advertising in Jacksonville FL


Product Acceptance and Research Inc. has research that reveals the efficiency of mobile billboards. Some firms witnessed an increase in sales by up to 107 percent. The business method of advertising reaches more people than most forms of ads.

Arbitron Inc. reports that the average person spends fifteen hours each week on the road. This number gives mobile billboard advertising in Jacksonville FL an advantage over static ones. In-car audiences are keen on the outdoors because it is more interesting than the car’s inside. A mobile billboard advert keeps your message drivers’ immediate memories for long.

Message retention

Transportation Advertising Council states that mobile advertising has a ninety-seven percent recall rate from clients. Consumers added that billboards have a realistic appeal than other advertisement forms.


Mobile billboard advertising is a smart way of saving money. Many firms that sink into traditional methods of spreading the word gain little to no results. Using mobile billboards cases a significant change in savings. The client does not have to spend the scrupulous amount required for paying airtime and channels that do not have enough viewers.


The effectiveness of Ad campaigns can change at any moment when the business owner does not have power over the platform. These changes are costly when you spend a decent amount of money and time to customize the message on the latest advertising channel.

Mobile billboards are easier to manage because they give you control over how many people you can reach. You can also change the reaction to your brand with a small tweak of your message and mode of advertising. It is, therefore, crucial for you to consider mobile billboard ads if you have constant changes in your company portfolio or list of products.

Another form of control with mobile billboards is that you can choose to keep the truck on the road during peak traffic seasons. Rush hours are also perfect for reaching a specific audience that may not be present on online advertising platforms like Facebook.


Mobile billboard contracts are more flexible than most marketing mediums. One lease can have a duration of at least three weeks. Static billboards have longer lease durations and are therefore inconvenient if you need to change the message more often.

Legion Digital is tired of investing its time and resources on inefficient advertising methods. We have a team of professionals and tools that outmatch both traditional ads and competitive mobile billboards. Give us a call to get the most clear LED mobile billboard advertising in Jacksonville FL, for the fastest and most effective displays. We will guide you on the specifics of our process and integrate your brand’s specificity for the best results.


Mobile billboard advertising in jacksonville fl
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