Interior Designing Tips for your Restaurant

October 13, 2017
by Kaitlin Willetts

Let’s face it; when a restaurant’s interior design is unique and stylish, people want to visit it more often. These days, people don’t just come and eat – they socialize, and almost ALWAYS take photos after photos of their food and its surroundings and post it to their Instagram (bonus - free advertising for you if it looks good!). So, with that being said, let’s get customers rolling in your doors with these couple design tips…


  1. Unique and conspicuous Entrance

Design the outside entrance of your restaurant so it’s unique, memorable, and catchy. People will see this and want to check it out, but they will also remember it and will think to come back. Make sure it speaks your brand – depending on what type of food you sell, make sure it relates to that so that when someone thinks to them-self “I want fish and chips”, they’ll think of your restaurant because it’s the one with the bold letters and ocean waves decorated in the entrance reminding them of fish and chips.

  1. Who is your target audience?

Are your clients younger or older? Design your restaurant to be more youthful, focusing on being trendy and stylish if they’re a younger crowd. Bright colours, peppy furniture, a bar corner, funky wall art, or bold lighting. Themes are also trendy for youth, such as a Tiki bar. If it’s family-oriented, or for older clients, it’d be a mature design style with subtle colours and decoration.

  1. Lighting is essential!

Lighting is what makes the tone and setting of your restaurant. Darker, dimmed restaurants with low lighting is great for a more intimate place to eat. Neon lights give a place a funky look, and the actual design of your light gives the room a theme – be it Italian, with sconces and hanging lights, etc.

  1. Remarkable artwork

This is great for complementing the rest of your design theme. Large artwork works wonders with the ambience, and large pieces really fill up the space.

  1. Colour scheme

The colour of your restaurant affects the overall feeling and mood of your restaurant. So, if your restaurant is aimed at elderly or family-oriented clients, you want to focus on pastel colours- this adds to the ‘mature’ theme mentioned in point 2. If it’s for more youthful clients, you want vibrant hues.

  1. Experiment!

Put yourself out there with something different – don’t be afraid to get creative with abstract designs, a new theme, and catchy window décor.

  1. Kitchen

Design your kitchen so that people can see your chefs hard at work. People really find this fascinating, and a great example of this is Amsterdam Brewhouse located in downtown Toronto. However, if you plan on doing an open kitchen, include stylish shelves etc. to make it appealing like the rest of the restaurant.







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