Home Staging Companies In Toronto

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Home Staging Companies In Toronto

Toronto's housing market is highly competitive. Several investors and buyers are always looking for the right property to invest, while sellers search for buyers who are willing to buy their property at a great price. To make the property you want to sell should stand out and catch the interest of the highest bidders, your house must leave a very aesthetically pleasing first impression on them.

Sure, a prime location and good neighborhood play a considerable role in determining the buyer's interest, but the interior counts the most. Therefore, you must hire a home and condo staging service to give your house an edge make it a top of the line property in the sea of properties available for buyers.

A leading home staging company that you can hire from the multiple Home stagers in Toronto is the Style Bite Home Staging. We are a Toronto home staging company with years of experience and several high-listed profitable property sales to add to our list of accomplishments. The Condo staging costs in Toronto are pretty high, but, at Style Bite, we aim to prepare your house or give you a consultation on how to make your property stand out in a very reasonable and affordable budget.

Our minimum charges can lead to a drastic increase in your property's value and can transform any house. At Style Bite, the experience is not the only thing we have; knowledge about the service we provide is also a given. Our head of the team is a certified Ultimate Stager from the Ultimate Academy, USC, and even an affiliate of the Real Estate Staging Association.

Our Services: We provide three cost-effective plans bound to transform your home into a delight for the buyers for staging a Condo.

1) Consultation plan: Our consultation for home staging plan consists of us providing you with a detailed review report of your house and providing you with an appropriate strategy to make it attractive for the buyers. We provide a list of top tasks for each area of your home and a list of contacts of reliable vendors that can help you with the purchases. The consultation plan provided is 100% unique for your house and customized accordingly. The starting fee is $300.

2) Vacant Staging: Vacant Staging is the most extensive plan that we offer and results in a complete makeover of your house interiors. If you opt for this plan, we will customize the house's strategy according to your and the buyer's taste/style and budget, but we will also provide every piece of furniture, artwork, etc. We will create a customized individual plan for your property to stage the house more attractively. The charges for this plan start at $1400 and are adjustable depending on the client's budget. We will quote the final price after a free first consultation/visit.

3) Occupied Staging: With a starting fee of only $500, our staging plan is ideal for someone who wishes to get their house staged by us but has a minimal budget. Under this plan, we will decorate your home with the furniture and art prices already available and will bring in some decor pieces, furniture, etc. if required. We will also provide you with suggestions to de-clutter and re-organize your house to give it a prime look under this plan.

Contact us: For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and more details about our plans, contact us at +1 647 960 8592

Home Staging Companies In Toronto
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