Supermarket Design

Supermarket Design

One of the keys for a supermarket to be a successful business is its design. The layout you choose is crucial for consumers to have an excellent experience. Also, the environment should encourage visitors to buy abundantly.

For you to achieve exceptional layout and decoration for your supermarket, it is essential that you have the services of an extraordinary interior and exterior design company like Maxxit. The experience of the specialist will allow you to achieve the development of your vision.

As a result, you will get a place that gives a unique experience to the user. It is essential that you know the critical aspects of the design of your supermarket, to achieve a unique and prosperous business.

Keys to an Excellent Supermarket Design


In traditional businesses, the tendency is always to look for designs and finishes to highlight the environment. In the case of mass sales, things are different. For supermarkets, there are no right or bad images. Style and decoration will depend on your target. If you are looking for a high-end audience and want to market expensive products, the design should tend the exclusive.

On the other hand, if the products you want to sell are middle and low-end, and your core strategy points towards low prices, the decoration should be simpler, with a tendency to "the careless".


Whether your supermarket is exclusive or low priced, colors play a significant role. Certain shades encourage the visitor to buy more. Some winning combinations are red/white, yellow/green and blue/white. In any case, consult with your designer, so that you can choose a palette that suits your type of business and matches your corporate image.


For you to achieve the perfect atmosphere inside your supermarket, the types of lights are essential. You must place different lights in different places to produce positive effects and encourage sales. In the fishing, butchery and fruit areas, you should look for illumination as close as possible to natural lighting. This will highlight the colors and freshness of the products.

In areas such as bakery and pastry, warm light tones work correctly, as they help to highlight the brown and gold colors of the products. Finally, in cosmetics and other convenience products such as soaps, canned goods, and sweets, the ideal lighting is a very bright white. This will help you highlight the color of the packaging.


The way you arrange each section will also help you generate a successful business. Ideally, people should walk all over the establishment. This will help you sell more impulse products, while your customers look for the mandatory products. In that sense, attraction products (those that are a must on all shopping lists, such as milk) should go at the end of the store.

You must also consider the distribution of product types within the shelves. Note that typical shelves have four sections. The usual is that you will sell 9% of the high part, 52% of the eye-level stretch, 26% of the hand reach stage, and 13% of the lower one.

Trust the Best

If you own a supermarket and want to boost your business with a stunning supermarket design, Maxxit is your best option. We are the most outstanding company in the design of unique environments, which will provide your customers with an unparalleled experience. Contact us.

Supermarket Design
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