Store Fixtures

Store Fixtures

Store Fixtures Features and Designs

One of the leading companies that fully supply innovative trend of designs and provide highly satisfying decorative experience in terms of interior and exterior set up of any type of business or private industry is Maxxit Systems.

We are membered with top engineers, design creators or graphic stylists, and manufacturers who take pride in sustaining our reputable services to the general public. More and more companies or brands are partnering with us due to our wide range of long term commitment with our clients. We highly serve projects with cost-effective advancements without quality compromise as we maintain a top quality design solution based on your budget.

Store Fixtures Detailed Services

We collaboratively work with international designers that enhance the extensive quality of project output in terms of the blueprint, presentations and modeling, fabrication, and manufacturing. We ensure to meet the exact visualized plan of your retail or architectural set up into a reality.

In terms of design features, we cater economical, lightweight, and very easy to install products for every kind of set up that you desire. Our goal is to produce a distinctive feel and look of the overall creation by redesigning or renovating a dull space into a whole new attraction. We focus more on deconstructing the form and function of an existing interior or forming a new exterior just to fully attain exceptional quality.

Few of our existing creations are already adopted and blended with many popular brands who put their trust on us for a long time due to our consistent design solutions. These are the signage package for the Front of House design of Popeye brand, architectural millwork type of remodeling interior used in Consolidated Dealer, Tim Horton’s very effective rollout program, decorative featured ceiling, and store fixture service in Whole Foods and other specialty markets, display of cross fit interior for Reebok, drive up and custom finish types of walls and ceiling, brewery and tasting benches for winery collection brands like Provigo, and custom millwork and other decorative output for flagship and showroom store.

We use the integration of materials with limitless customization strategies and capabilities, and higher quality of service. Aside from that, we also cater to various signage types including wayfinding types, interior or exterior based designs, promotional, and directional embedment. Also, we offer a wide array of graphic styles such as murals for walls, decals for windows, graphics for retails, and printed type of graphic decors. For the finishes, we also have back and halo lit types, printed and frosted application as well as films, and of course graphical form selections. For a more personalized design, you can take advantage of our custom services that can recreate a unique set up for your interior or exterior designs.

Contact Information

For other useful information regarding our services and details about our offers, you may contact us through Maxxit Systems official website at and fill out our online contact form or you may also email us at for your queries and messages. We can also assist you over the phone through this number: 1 855 762 9948.

Store Fixtures
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