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Decorative Ceilings

-Baffle Ceilings

-Custom Feature Ceilings


In response to the customer demand for lightweight ceiling fixture solutions, Maxxit Systems came up with a great ceiling system that is economical, lightweight, and limitless to the many custom wants and needs.

We provide a baffle ceiling system that is customization to match your personal preferences. One of the many strong features of our baffles is the perforated option we provide that creates great acoustics, limiting any unwanted sound and echo that may carry out. They create unique and fascinating atmospheres, adding great dimension and positively strong impressions.

Then you have our custom feature ceilings, a system designed to fulfil your desire for any ceiling decorates. From ceiling pods with optional lighting, to floating ceiling features, we’ll provide an attractive solution just for you.



Finishes include:
Veneer, laminate, paint finish, wood, reclaimed wood, metal, aluminum, fire rated finish

Baffle ceilings, Ceiling pods c/w optional lighting, floating ceiling features, trellis, and acoustical panels

  • Lightweight and modular
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Endless finishes including fire rated options