Fun ‘n Games for that Last Quarter Push

November 3, 2017
by Kaitlin Willetts

Believe it or not, quarter 4 is already a third of the way finished! Maxxit Systems has been flat out this past year, and to motivate and refresh our team we took off mid afternoon on November 2nd for some great adventures at the Captive Escape Rooms. There is a total of 4 escape rooms; The Cabinet of Curiosities, The Surgeon, Charlotte’s Attic, and Dracula’s Library. We were held captive in each room and given an hour to try and figure out each murder or scenario, and whichever team escaped first were the winners.
Charlotte’s Attic was a bit of a creepy room, we were investigating the murder of 2 daughters and their deranged father who seemed to have murdered them in their little home. We were in the dark and blood prints were everywhere indicating a painful death – but there were no bodies. We finally did discover what really happened… but that is for us to know and you to find out.

In Cabinet of Curiosities, you’re hired on as professional thieves by an anonymous source to steal one of the unique relics from the McCreedy’s cabinet. So many questions… like who hired you? What are you supposed to steal? The cabinet has a very deep, dark secret and before the night is over you soon realize nobody can be trusted.

The Surgeon was quite gruesome, with a panic to get out of the room before you become bate. You’re locked in there and must get out before they start taking parts from you too…

Finally, in Dracula’s Library, you and the other investigative journalists are following a trail of the world’s oldest vampire for quite some time. You’ve been lured to a mansion by a promising lead in your quest to expose Dracula to the world. But once inside, you soon realize tables have turned and you find yourselves unwitting participants in a most deadly game. Racing not just against time but against darkness itself.


What do you do for the team to help motivate and refresh? Comment below and share your ideas with us! 🙂

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