Drive Up

Introducing an electric banner lifting system designed to improve communication, productivity, and efficiency. With both feet on the ground you no longer have to worry about aerial lifts, ladders, electrical equipment or potential accident risk. During business hours, you are now able to safely lower, change, and raise your advertising banners within 2 minutes. This will remove ceiling constraints for hanging displays, cut installation time by 5, and allow you to advertise with no limits while keeping information up to date.

Typical Use

  • Large and Medium Sized Stores (Ads)
  • Distribution Groups

Key Features

  • Change banner in 2 short minutes during business hours
  • No more ladders, aerial lifts, or potential accident risk
  • Advertise with no limits
  • Your investment will pay off in less than 1 year


Designed for banners 1.5 to 6 m wide, this sophisticated electric banner system can be installed at any height and operated without an electrical wire connection. In most cases it can fit into your existing poster holder system. Operating the system is done at ground level with a telescopic pole connected to a rechargeable battery. The pole supplies the system with a 24 volts electric current that controls the speed of the lifting and lowering of the banner.