CLADiT: Custom Wall Finishes

When you walk into any store, restaurant, or even a corporate office... so often there are drab walls that are screaming your attention. They're longing for a makeover. Sometimes, they even have scuffs, dings, holes and unfinished paint. So what does this say about your company? A lot. And not what it should be saying about your company, because believe it or not, it has a huge impact. First impressions are everything in a business, let alone everything else.

Maxxit Systems caters to the decorative appeal of environments, solely to help give your customers the best experience possible while being at your store, restaurant, and so on. This is what will keep them coming back ...your ears should be perking by now, so listen up friends.

Our Solutions:

Maxxit is thrilled to introduce you to our CLADiT product line; solutions that feature an abundance of different innovative custom wall finishes to cover up those drab white walls with the paint peeling off!

Let us help you speak your brand with our custom wall finishes. There is so much you can do with wall finishes; from wood to brick... to something completely unheard of. Our motto is to "Dream it, Design it, Create it"... if you can dream it, we can do it.

Amongst our CLADiT line, we have awesome decorative panels by Panespol that are super lightweight and attractive. They're made of high-density polyurethane and are offered in different textures inspired by stone, bricks, wood, and many other different types of surfaces. These are available in a great variety of finishes, shapes, sizes and colors.

Please check out the Panespol e-catalog here.

Wall Finish Inspirations:

  • bricks
  • barnboard
  • textiles
  • natural
  • textures
  • concrete
  • stones
  • slates
  • wood

Key Features:

  • lightweight, high-density polyurethane panels
  • wide variety of finishes and textures
  • Easy to install
  • completely fire-resistant and a non-toxic product


For the Panespol Installation Guide, please click here.