A Brief Look into Design Solutions

June 23, 2017
by Kaitlin Willetts

Let’s take a trip into the history of Maxxit Systems, where I’ve mentioned in a couple blogs back, that we were built up with one true purpose in mind; to be a one-stop-shop for the end user. Our focus really zeros in on the store design of the retail, grocery, and restaurant industries. It’s all in the name – we’re ready to ‘MAXX-iT-out’ for you and tend to every need and want you could possibly dream up.
So, with that being said, let’s take a look into Maxxit’s solutions and the many benefits pertaining to them. You can also use this brief list for designer ideas and inspiration!


Custom Millwork & Décor
Millwork and décor are necessary components when it comes to most spaces. There are so many uses that involve millwork and décor such as retail displays, tabletops, countertops, and so on that are necessary.
We go above and beyond to provide you any desired millwork finish. This includes glass, metal, solid surfaces, laminates… you name it, we’ll provide it. Not only are the custom capabilites endless and the material diversities vast, it’s also guaranteed of only high quality. Below is a Miele project we’ve done in the past featuring our millwork and décor solutions.





Decorative Ceilings
When you think about it, people decorate a space to make it attractive, but never take into consideration that a ceiling is almost always bare as can be. Ceilings are such a wide space that, in truth, are completely wasted. Why not make a space you need but don’t use, into a work of art? It has the power to make an atmosphere very impressive. And we’ve proved it.
Maxxit Systems is proud of the many decorative ceilings we’ve provided for our clients. Amongst our decorative ceilings, we’ve got the baffle system that is a huge hit in many stores, restaurants, and really any space desired. There are so many custom capabilities for the baffle system – you can have straight baffles, wavy baffles, a wide range of patterns including powder-coated wood grains, any color desired, and any size. Aside from that, baffles look really sharp. They add a LOT of dimension and character to any space.
Then you’ve got our custom decorative ceilings which is where you can dream up any ceiling feature you’d like and we will make it happen. You can get so creative with ceiling décor systems, and it makes a world of difference to a room or large open space.
One of the best things about decorative ceilings is that most can be made acoustical if that’s what you’re going for. Especially in large, open areas where the ceiling is higher, the acoustics always have extremely bad echo through-out the whole area. With baffles and most other ceiling systems, you can help stop the echo by muffling it with their great acoustical features.
See below for some remarkable ceiling décor inspiration!





Custom Finishes
Who doesn’t love a feature wall? This is where you can get really creative and throw anything up on a wall (basically). Wood finishes, bricks, stones, textiles, natural finishes such as moss… the list is endless! We love catering to custom finishes that are unique; after all, this is what you’re branding is all about. The best ways to use a feature wall is placing products that are of more value or have just arrived next to it. People are attracted to things that are unique and that tell a brand’s story. If you’d rather do all your walls with a custom finish – go for it! You’ll have your customers in their element.
Whatever finish you decide to settle for, be sure it speaks your brand. There’s nothing like representing your brand in the space you’re surrounded in.





Signage & Graphics
Signage… what would we possibly do without signage? I seem to always lose my way around a mall WITH signage let alone without! Signage is a crucial part of our day to day lives. It’s simply how we get from A to B and how we can even differentiate that A is A and B is B 😉 So to help everyone out, Maxxit provides the best signage solutions for everyone. It’s vital to have clear and concise signage, but it’s also important to have eye-catching, unique signage to draw people in. After all, signage is generally one of the first things an outsider will see, so it’s more often than not a first impression. You can do anything with signage and lettering. There are so many types of signage; directional, promotional, exterior/interior…
Graphics are another way to add a pop of colour and help distinguish your brand. There’s many options including wall murals, window decals, banners, retail graphics, and printed graphics.
Below are some awesome inspirations of great signage & graphics.


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