Blinds Irvine

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Blinds Irvine

People tend to ignore the cleanliness of items that are not within a comfortable range of sight. One of these areas is the window’s blinds. As a result, most people do not know whether they ought to wipe, hand-wash, or use a machine when cleaning drapery. They also do not understand why cleaning faux wood shades are different from cleaning wooden shades. Fortunately, Superior View Window Fashion has the following straightforward advice to help your case.

How to clean different types of blinds in Irvine

Venetian blinds

These drapes have aluminum or PVC material. They can collect a more than average amount of dust, and one can clean them better with a microfiber cloth.

  • Dip a piece of cloth into warm water and then wring it out
  • Unclip the louvers from the brackets of the headrail
  • Fit your hand into the sock and start wiping from the highest level and work your way to the bottom
  • Clean each side of the slat and make sure you do not leave mucky deposits from top slats
  • Lubricate the surface with silicon spray twice a year to prevent stiffening. Ensuring that the mechanism is as smooth as necessary prevents annoying squeaks and ensures that the blinds last long without a mechanical breakdown

You can advance the cleaning process a step further by cleaning the slats with specific cleaning materials and solutions. They act like pincers with sponges and grip both sides of the slat. Sliding these tools on the surface cleans both the bottom and the top. 

Get into the habit of vacuuming the upholstery attachment to remove stubborn stains. You should be able to use a damp cloth to remove stains as gently as possible without damaging the fabric. Consider the services of a professional dry cleaner to avoid damaging the structure. 

Wooden blinds

It is tricky to remove stubborn stains on wooden shutters. Wood is porous and, therefore, extra careful not to damage the material. Follow the following steps to refresh them without creating problematic areas:

  • Mix baking soda to a bowl of warm water and washing liquid
  • Deep a cloth into the water and wring it until it does not drip any water
  • Wipe the surface as gently as possible to avoid exerting too much pressure to the wood
  • Keep the windows open after the process to fasten the evaporation of moisture

How to maintain Roman blinds

How to store blinds

Curtains can attract dust fast when you move house because you have to take them down and store them in a mover’s van. The best way of preventing an unsightly deposit of dust is by wrapping them softly and storing them in a tightly closed bag. Wrap the blinds in a cling film to prevent their unraveling.

Preventing the continuous damage of your blinds in Irvine is the better way of ensuring they give you back your money’s worth. It is an expensive way of maintaining the aesthetics of the room and the decency of the atmosphere.


Blinds Irvine
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